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Rolling Altars: Riding Low in New Mexico

Join us on this fantastic documentary journey. TK1 offers paid opportunities to assist with the shooting and editing. Interested? Contact Pete today.

For many, Lowriding is a favorite pastime, a hobby, something fun to do with the family. For others, it is a lifestyle, an obsession. For everyone, it is a cultural phenomenon that brings people together. This student-powered TK1 documentary investigates the meaning behind these resurrected, finely polished, sometimes wildly decorated pieces of mobile art. It is an outlet and often a life saver for people who grew up in Northern New Mexico.

There are stories buried within these vehicles, whether in the car itself or the memorials and pinstripes painted on them. Designing, building, showing and driving Lowriders is an essential tradition strongly held in Hispanic cultures and beyond. With Española being the Lowrider Capital of the World, our TK1 students have been able to sit down with Lowrider artists such as Toby Morfin, Nicholas Herrera, Fred Rael and Diego Lopez to get their take on the passion and power behind Lowrider culture.

With so much footage already shot, our students are now busy editing interviews and B-roll into a final product. Watch the Trailer Below!!!