We inspire young learners and the community around them to create, communicate, and safely navigate the digital world.


We envision a community where all – from young learners to their parents, grandparents, caregivers, teachers, and local leaders – enjoy the safe, creative, and balanced presence of technology in their lives; and where young learners can access expert training and inspiration in media and technology fields, then exploring opportunities to connect with the local workforce, higher education, and the wider creative economy.



TK1 Annual Report 2022. Available Here

TK1 Annual Report 2021. Available Here

True Kids 1 (TK1) is a youth media-and-technology education nonprofit founded in 2017. We’re based in Taos, NM at a leading-edge teen facility.

TK1 prepares youth for success:

  • In-school programs boost awareness of and tools within the rapidly evolving media-and-tech universe
  • We teach technical skills that can open doors into New Mexico’s growing media, tech, and STEM industries
  • We preach balance, and a sound understanding of how to safely and responsibly use technology
  • After-school programs bring together students with experts to lead their own media and technology projects


True Kids 1 began as a youth radio program at KNCE’s airstream trailer studio in Taos, New Mexico, with local youth sharing live music and educational content. The project soon expanded to recording students from local K-12 schools, ranging from the Taos HS Mariachi Band to 2nd graders’ poems about what it means to be an American, to segments on science and geography. As enthusiasm grew, the students became more involved in the production, and started recording video as well as audio.