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The Pro Pathways Program

TK1’s Pro Pathways Program connects young learners to the workforce in four main ways:

  • we shoot short interviews, with illustrative b-roll, of a local graduate at work. How did they choose this career path? What do they love about it? How much money do they make?
  • we take these interviews to classrooms for facilitated discussions. Video can be a can-opener, bringing us immediately into the sights and sounds of a job. Students in classrooms across northern NM then get to ask questions, learn, and ultimately see the choices people just like them have successfully made.
  • we convene discussions among employers, employees, and young learners. Why should youth consider certain education or workforce pathways? What’s in it for them?
  • we lead excursions, bringing young learners directly into the workforce, to experience it all for themselves, and ideally help them make some big choices following HS graduation.

This page also has a video repository of some exceptional local careers. Designed for a teen audience, these videos feature local graduates now working in the skilled trades, in fighting wildland fires, and in the tourism industry. Our newest videos (to the right) we shot up at Taos Ski Valley; and over 2022 we captured Careers in Wildland Fire Management, shot during the massive Hermit’s Peak – Calf Canyon fire.

With funding from the Northwest Regional Education Cooperative #2, TK1 has also created six videos featuring skilled tradespeople throughout Northern NM. Each video explores a different trade by interviewing a local tradesperson and then showing images of that individual at a job site. The intent is to inspire, informing young learners of the choices a local individual made upon graduating high school to the current stage of their career, including income level, responsibilities, and aspirations.

Under TK1’s supervision and direction, students from Questa, Peñasco, Mesa Vista, Jemez Mountains, and Pojoaque all led these video shoots. TK1 professional staff hen edited the footage into final products. Final versions of the videos have been shown in various classrooms, and, on September 15, 2022 at the National Skilled Trades Day Fair in Peñasco.

The ultimate outcome of this work is to show students very real, very rewarding, and very achievable career paths that can keep them in this state as highly productive members of society. This will also help fill a growing void in the local workforce.

TK1 intends to shoot as many videos as possible on careers, knowing this is an incredible resource for our young learners.

Chef de Cuisine – 192 @ The Blake

To capture this fascinating career, TK1 sat down with Chef De Cuisine of 192 at The Blake at TSV, Kayla Trujillo, to discuss her culinary journey and the benefits of working at the Taos Ski Valley. Kayla graduated from Questa High School.

Student Participants: Kyle Julinski, Talon Trujillo, Sam Weldon.

Careers in Wildland Fire Management

Featuring multiple interviews with individuals here to fight 2022’s Hermit’s Peak – Calf Canyon Fire.

Student Participants: Angel Romero and Isaiah Brown

Journeyman Lineman Paul Romero

Featuring Peñasco High School Graduate Paul Romero

Student Participants: Jared Lujan and Adam Archuleta

Teacher Sponsor: Daniel Tafoya

Appliance Repairman Sergio Arellano

Featuring Peñasco High School Graduate Sergio Arellano

Student Participants: Jared Lujan and Adam Archuleta

Teacher Sponsor: Daniel Tafoya

Journeyman Electrician Leon Ortega

Featuring Mesa Vista High School Graduate Leon Ortega

Student Participants: Julian Trujillo, Rudy Trujillo and Anthony Griego

Teacher Sponsor: Scott Gramer

Front Office Manager @ The Blake

A student team interviewed Joshua Garcia on his job as the front office manager at the sumptuous Blake hotel up in Taos Ski Valley. Josh graduated from Taos High School.

Student Participants: Kyle Julinski, Talon Trujillo, Sam Weldon.

CNA Health Assistant Gabrielle Corrales

Featuring Coronado High School Graduate Gabrielle Corrales

Student Participant: Thomas Rieck

Teacher Sponsors: Crystal Gallegos and Frank Chacon

EMTs Lynn Suskey and Marco Gutierres

Featuring Coronado High School Graduates Lynn Suskey and Marco Gutierres

Student Participant: Thomas Rieck

Teacher Sponsors: Crystal Gallegos and Frank Chacon

Plumbers and Pipefitters Alex and Colton Law

Featuring Pojoaque High School Graduates Aelx and Colton Law

Student Participants: Michael Apodaca and Raquel Martinez

Teacher Sponsor: Lorenzo Martinez

Queerious is an innovative TK1 after-school program for young learners to explore their creativity, express themselves, and delve into the world of media production. Designed for but not exclusive to the LGBTQIA+ community, Queerious provides a safe and supportive environment where students can come together to create talk shows, podcasts, broadcasting news, documentaries, and more while celebrating their (often emerging) identities and experiences. Leading Queerious is TK1’s own Dani Cervantes.

In Queerious, students use the power of storytelling and media production to amplify their voice. Through hands-on workshops and collaborative projects, participants learn valuable skills in camera operation, audio recording, video editing, scriptwriting, and hosting, all while exploring topics that are relevant to their lives, emerging identities, and communities. Activities:

1. Talk Shows and Broadcast News. Students host these, using the platform to discuss anything they like – including LGBTQIA+ issues, personal stories, interviewing guest speakers, and engaging in meaningful conversations about identity, diversity, and inclusion.

LINK: Talk Show with Madolin and Jesus

LINK: Talk Show with Madolin and Lee

2.Podcasts. Participants produce their own podcasts, exploring topics ranging from LGBTQIA+ history and activism to pop culture and current events. Students have the freedom to explore their interests and passions in the world of audio storytelling.

LINK: Podcast on Appearance

3.Documentaries. Through the art of documentary filmmaking, students shine a spotlight on important issues facing them, exploring topics that are often overlooked or misunderstood. From personal narratives to community profiles, students research, interview subjects, film, and edit their own docs.

4.Camera Workshops. Here, students learn the fundamentals of camera operation, composition, lighting, and cinematography. Whether they’re shooting interviews for a documentary or capturing footage for a talk show, students gain practical skills and technical expertise that allow them to bring their creative visions to life on screen.

Throughout the program, Queerious fosters a supportive and inclusive community where students feel empowered to express themselves authentically and explore their identities in a positive and affirming environment. By providing a platform for, among others, LGBTQIA+ voices to be heard and celebrated, Queerious helps students develop confidence, leadership skills, and a sense of belonging as they navigate their journey as young creatives.


With Generous Support from: Awesome without Borders and the Envision Fund at the Santa Fe Community Foundation.