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The Future of our Water

On Friday, December 9th 2022, at the Taos Center for the Arts (TCA), the TK1 Youth Council led a fascinating community dialogue on The Future of our Water. Each video addressedx the following scenario:

In fifteen years’ time, there will be less water in Northern NM. What could be our shared, innovative water future?

Students shot interviews all across northern NM — next to roaring rivers, beside fire-damaged acequias near Cleveland NM, at the Outdoor Economics Conference, the Democratic Party Matanza, and the Taos Farmers Market, and of course in our studio here at TK1 HQ. They flew drones, used wireless mics and C-stands, and asked outstanding questions…

Following a reception in the TCA lobby featuring free food, a gallery of student photographs of water, and an immersive water exhibit, we showed a context video of experts offering their anxieties and hope for the future. Following this, each student presented his/her short video, featuring b-roll and fantastic short animations; after each, we held a community conversation between the student, an expert — and YOU, as part of the audience Q&A. Student videos included:

* Can beavers help us better manage our water? * How can fire and water better co-exist? * What is the future of water rights? * How can we better follow and develop regenerative agriculture practices? * Is cloud seeding a good idea? * What lessons from the past can acequias teach us to help shape our future of water? * How might green infrastructure slow our water down? * How can Taos Ski Valley best steward the Hondo watershed? * How can we be smarter about tomorrow’s water today?

The Future of our Water was Generously Sponsored by:

ABOVE: TK1 students on a Future of our Water video shoot near Cleveland NM capturing fire’s effects on an acequia.

ABOVE: TK1 student in our TK1 HQ studio performing a Future of our Water expert interview.

ABOVE: TK1 student at the Taos Farmers’ Market conducting Future of our Water interviews.


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