Support TK1 Today!

Your support for TK1 allows us to keep the magic flowing! Right now we are raising funds for student stipends. Many of our kids cannot simply show up to learn because it’s the right thing to do: they need jobs and an income! We’re now looking to raise $7,500 per student for this coming school year. This allows us to pay them, feed them, and as needed, transport them to their homes following our programs.

As always, your donation is fully tax-deductible. Support TK1 with your cash, stocks, even cars or property! It’s a gift that keeps us investing in the most important part of our community: our future. Come and see our kids in action on May 21st at the TCA for The Future of our Community. If you’d like to discuss your gift in more detail, please call or email Sandy: sandy AT or 505-316-1361