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TK1 2021-2 In-School Programs

updated August 9, 2022

TAOS, NM — TK1 now has a robust set of in-school programs, working across Taos County and into Rio Arriba County. Every classroom has its own challenges and media needs. TK1 staff work directly with teachers across northern NM to design an approach that satisfies specific and tailored learning objectives.

Current in-school programs include (with several others under active discussion and planning):

  • A year-long set of media workshops (eg on photo essays, video production, using video for science experiments, working with Spanish and French departments) at Taos High School through support from GEAR UP and Taos Municipal Schools.
  • A year-long set of media workshops, including setting up a broadcast-video studio, at Peñasco High School.
  • A year-long set of photography workshops at Ranchos Elementary and Arroyos del Norte Elementary
  • A year-long set of photography workshops at Anansi Charter School.
  • Internship and work opportunities for students at Vista Grande High School.
  • The TK1 Youth Council will also operate during class hours at Taos High School, once a week.

A letter from our Board of Directors

Dear all,

We are about to experience the full impact of the measures taken by the authorities to limit the spread of COVID 19.

As disquieting as the pandemic is and as disruptive as the need to social distance will be, it has also revealed the need for distance learning and the holes in our community where both technology and the means to deliver it are lacking. Fortunately our community, in full response mode, has Kit Carson Broadband, True Kids 1, and the Municipal Schools collaborating to compile an inventory of computers and broadband access, to identify what is needed and by whom, so as to ensure equity in the delivery of home schooling to the children in our community.

LOR foundation has committed to help fill the computer gap and Adobe have committed to making its suite of products available for free for the duration of the crisis. This moment represents an opportunity for teachers to utilize technology which will enable them to support online student learning. It will also enable students to remain engaged with their studies and be exposed to technology and tools which will stand them in good stead both academically and vocationally.

The tools which will be deployed will still encourage the evolution of critical thinking and collaboration amongst students. You will be at the forefront of this pioneering endeavor working closely with teachers, workshop mentors, Adobe support and other resources to support online student learning.

This is extremely important work which you will be undertaking in the coming weeks and months, for which we your Board of Directors and the community at large are extremely grateful and proud of the service you provide.

Please be safe and follow all the appropriate public health protocols. With the fondest regards,

Anthony Rademeyer


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