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Emerging Journalists Program

WHEN: We’ll meet as often as possible, in-person (in schools, at the Taos Hive) and virtually.

WHO: Leading this program will be the TK1 Executive Director, Sandy Campbell; and TK1 Director of Education, Pamela Pereyra (both pictured at right).

HOW TO REGISTER: There is no cap on the number of emerging journalists. Interested? Registration is here.

This program is proudly supported by Cornerstones Community Partnerships.

This program will be what we collectively make of it: “journalism” is just a fancy word for storytelling. There are opportunities everywhere we look to tell unique and fascinating New Mexico stories — including our own. Through this program, students will learn all about the news-media universe; about the various types of journalism and storytelling; how to think about and plan for a journalism project; how to interview subjects; how to use hard media skills (as taught in TK1’s Media Intensives) such as filmmaking; how to publish stories locally and online; and so much more. The keenest Emerging Journalists will be paid for their efforts…

Join us and shape this program to your own interests and needs!

Leading this program are two TK1 staff members, each with compelling insights into journalism. Sandy has published in newspapers around the world, shot documentaries across the African continent (including this fascinating five-country shoot on Tobacco in Africa), and over 2018-2020 conceived, hosted, and organized the global Journalism under Fire conference in Santa Fe, NM. He has a huge social network of journalists around the state, country, and globe — ready to interact with you!! Pamela is a nationally-recognized leader in media education, media studies, and media literacy working as CEO, NM Chapter chair, teacher, designer, trainer, consultant, and advocate to develop the capacity of students and teachers engaging in media and learning.

We’ll do all kinds of fun things. Here are some ideas, with more to come!

* connect with journalists and photojournalists around the world to discuss their work

* livestream with Pulitzer-winning journalists from around the country and globe

* tell stories about environmental issues, including solar power and other renewables

* work with local newspapers to understand how stories are covered

* cover stories as they occur, with audio, video, and so much more

* understand how to disseminate our work

* complete an end-of-year project with the best projects winning cash prizes.



Thank you for your support.

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