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The Customized Classroom Initiative

Every classroom has its own challenges and media needs. TK1 staff work directly with teachers across northern NM to design an approach that satisfies specific and tailored learning objectives.

How can TK1 best serve you and your classroom?


Contact TK1 today to discuss how TK1 can directly serve you with a customized approach. Sandy Campbell, TK1’s Executive Director, can be reached at 505-316-1361 or via [email protected].


As one example of our Customized Classroom, over the 2021-2 academic year, TK1 is working directly with all 63 students at Moreno Valley High School (in Angel Fire, NM) on a documentary/journalism project called Home: Capturing the Global Hearth. Through TK1 Media Mentors, students will explore human lives and homes in countries around the world, learning how to:

·     Construct a complex, community-oriented story of global-local voices.

·     Perform interviews and then conduct them via Zoom and in-person, learning relevant film

techniques for both.

·     Collect additional b-roll images and film, and determine how to use them.

·     Operate editing software (film editing, animation, music recording) using the TK1-provided free

Adobe Creative Cloud, and TK1-delivered mentorship.

·     Assemble footage into short clips and into one long (45-minute) stand-alone piece.

·     Market and advertise a film, including preparing it for film-festival entry.


From helping teachers lead an entire classroom in media production to designing and hosting a formal in-school program or after-school elective imparting both hard and soft media skills, TK1’s staff of experts adds immediate and innovative value to your learning environment.


Thank you for your support.

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