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Planet Taos

Part One: The Sounds of Taos

WHEN: Wednesdays, 4:00-5:15pm. Starting date TBD depending on enrollment.

WHERE: At four venues across Taos — see weekly schedule below.

HOW TO REGISTER: There is a cap of 10 students for this Media Intensive. Registration is here.

Over the entire school year, students aged 12-18 will capture the sounds, colors and characters of Taos, creating a media mosaic for final production in the Spring of 2021. In this first session, students will learn all about the art of audio recording, meeting in extraordinary Taos locations to gain hands-on digital media arts skills. 

What are the sounds of Taos? What stories exist here? What is the sense of place? What can you tell about a place through listening? Students will capture the natural sounds of various places in and outside of town. Taking these textures and giving them context, the students will then build a narrative out of these ambient sounds. Students will use recording equipment, mics, and sound editing software. The final output of this session will be one or more complete audio files or podcast on The Sounds of Taos.

Note that Planet Taos will unfold in four after-school Media Intensives, with two in the Fall of 2021, and two in the Spring of 2022.

Week 1: The Sounds of Taos Plaza.

Our first week begins in the field as students will capture the sound of Taos’ central thoroughfare. The plaza is where tourists come and go, vendors make a living, farmers have their markets, food is being served, buskers are busking. How can we tell the present day story of Taos Plaza through audio recordings?

Week 2: The Sounds of Roasting Chiles @ Cid’s Market.

Chiles are synonymous with New Mexico. The roaster turns that big metal wheel and puts the smell of chiles in the air. Students can not only record the sounds of the roast but the roaster as well as the customers who get to enjoy this New Mexican tradition.

Week 3: The Sounds of Nature @ Fred Baca Park and Taos Land Trust

Taos parks are a meeting hub for families, sports and connecting with nature. Let’s take a deep dive into natural sounds: water, birds, bees and farms.

Week 4: Sound Editing Workshop, Part One

Students will meet at The Taos Hive to explore software, media management and the art of sound editing. They’ll take the recordings gathered and begin editing their audio compositions.

Week 5: Sound Editing Workshop, Part Two

Students will continue to edit their audio compositions, experimenting and exploring with audio editing tools.

Week 6: Finalizing Sound

Students will finalize their audio compositions and preview each other’s work.

The next three Planet Taos Media Intensives include Photography (November-December, 2021); Videography (January-February, 2022); and Music (March-April, 2022). Stay tuned for more details!


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