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TK1 Media Intensive:

Filmmaking in the Field

WHEN: Mondays, 4:15 – 5:30pm. Starting Monday, September 20, 2021. Note: there will be no class on Monday, October 11 in observance of Indigenous Peoples’ Day. This is a five-week course.

WHERE: Kit Carson Park

WHO: TK1 Director of Media, Pete Monro (pictured at right). A TK1 Junior Mentor will also help lead and organize the session.

HOW TO REGISTER: This class is for ages 8-11 only. We are capping participation at 12. Registration is now closed. If you’d like to get on a wait list, please email [email protected].


This outdoor intensive is an excellent introduction for younger students. With a greater emphasis on activities and short-form exercises, students will have a great opportunity to work with cameras, apps and editing software to explore this wonderful new skill. Great for visual thinkers and kids who like being outside!

Week 1: Hands on Cameras.

Monday, September 20 @ Kit Carson Park. 4:00-5:15pm.

We’ll begin the intensive by diving straight into the camera and cinematography. How does it all work? How do you compose an image? We’ll talk about the basics of setting up and using your camera as well as exploring the basics of composition. Each student will have their turn using a camera and practicing all the different angles and shots available.

Week 2: Stop-Motion Animation.

Monday, September 27 @ Kit Carson Park. 4:15-5:30pm.

We’ll break down the moving image one by one through stop motion animation. There are free stop-motion animation apps that we can use that make this process very easy! You can even create some fun and simple effects through stop motion.

Week 3: Experimenting with Effects.

Monday, October 4 @ Kit Carson Park. 4:15-5:30pm.

This week will focus on pre-made effects apps, slow motion and more fun visual trickery. We’ll not only use these effects, but make sure that we incorporate them into a short sequence or story.

Week 4: Lend Me Your Ear.

Monday, October 18 @ Kit Carson Park. 4:15-5:30pm.

Sound recording and design is more essential to filmmaking than you might realize. This week, we’ll discuss the basics of recording sound and sound design. Background noise, sound effects, music and other elements can make or break the atmosphere of your film. Students will practice recording sound, and learn to listen like a sound designer.

Week 5: The Bigger Picture.

Monday, October 25 @ Kit Carson Park. 4:15-5:30pm.

Now that we’ve explored all the fun stuff we can do with filmmaking, it’s time to really tell a story. The entire group will put our heads together to come up with a super short film that we can outline, shoot and edit.


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