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Transforming education through media production for social change.

True Kids 1 (TK1) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit media education organization based in Taos, New Mexico. Our mission is to promote digital citizenship and open career paths for youth by providing media skills, tools and opportunities. We help students tell their stories, develop critical thinking and media skills, and positively engage with communities across New Mexico. Our vision is to transform education through media production for social change.

  • TK1 Values
  • Education Model
  • Program Growth
TK1 Values

Core values of our unique media program

Responsible and safe use of technology.

Student-led approaches

Economic development

Retention of New Mexico’s youth workforce

Equal opportunity

Promotion of arts and culture







Mentor Aaron Lopez

with students at

McCurdy Charter School 

in Espanola.

Education Model

The TK1 Civic Media Education Model Includes:

A pedagogical framework that provides professional development and classroom support to teachers to help them integrate collaborative civic media projects into the academic curricula.

Skills workshops led by media industry professionals that help students develop cognitive, interpersonal, creative and technical skills.

Opportunities for students to get field experience on media projects, working for real clients alongside professional mentors.

The TK1 program offers real-world opportunities for students in media production and that help students to advocate for their communities as they gain workforce skills.From humble beginnings in youth radio programming, TK1 has grown into a foundational provider of education in our region.

Our robust Civic Media Education Model currently serves 100+ classrooms in three counties in

Northern New Mexico – Taos, Colfax, and Rio Arriba.

Program Growth

Program Growth, By Year (2018-2021)


400 students ages 5-18 years

9 schools

22 classrooms

2 counties


600 students ages 5-18 years

14 schools

32 classrooms

3 counties


900 students ages 5-18 years

17 schools

66 classrooms

3 counties

Governance and Infrastructure



Sandy Campbell Headshot

Sandy Campbell

President and CEO

Sandy joins TK1 from his previous post as Executive Director of the Santa Fe Council on International Relations (2016-21). He holds an MA in International Relations, spent much of his 30s working on development issues in Africa, where among other things he shot documentaries across the continent. He’s worked for the Government of Canada (2003-08), and as a consultant to the World Health Organization, national governments, nonprofits, and research universities (2008-16).

Justis Daniels

Media Intern

Justis is a True Kids 1 alum who is taking a semester off from Arizona State University to work with True Kids 1. Justis will work with students on our social media, radio and gaming programs. In 2017, he won a NM Broadcasting Association award for his TK1 supported radio show issues related to teen suicide.


Education Director

Jen has over 20 years experience in educational leadership, curriculum design, program facilitation and professional development. She has extensive experience in blended learning, culturally responsive teaching, Waldorf teaching models, including work as the Director of an Expeditionary Learning School in AZ.


Program Coordinator

Elizabeth Coontz has an extensive background in local government and nonprofits. She has worked for the City of Las Cruces as a Long-Range Planner and worked as a Program Director for an AmeriCorps State Program in Taos, NM. Elizabeth has helped manage and secure several federal grants.

Picture of Doris Sandoval


Administrative Assistant

Doris Sandoval is a retiree of the State of New Mexico, and has worked with the Peñasco school district as a substitute teacher and an EVTA tutor. She enjoys spending quality time with family, friends and nature.

Board of Directors


Board Member

Retired Banker


Board Secretary Owner Valverde Energy, Chair Taos Chamber of Commerce Education Committee


Board Member

Community Program and Strategic Projects at UNM Office of the CIO


Board Treasurer

Area Manager NM Department of Workforce Solutions, Local Northern Area Workforce Development Board


Board Chair

CEO of UNM-Taos, Board Member on Taos Chamber of Commerce and NM Business Excellence

Organizational Support


“Through True Kids 1, I have hosted a local radio show for the past two years, shadowed a senator for a day, attended conferences on education and journalism, and so much more.”

-Maple Hawk 9th grade, NM School for the Arts


Melanie MacGillivray,

Attorney, Santa Fe Law Group


Rio Grande CPA

Taos, NM

Our Statistics 

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Budget Rationale

Fiscal Year Starting June 1, 2020

TK1 2020-2021 School Initiatives

  • Classrooms
  • Program Goals
  • FY2021 Projected Revenue

Classrooms from schools in Taos, Colfax, and Rio Arriba Counties.


14 Classrooms

250 Students


48 Classrooms

645 Students


46 Classrooms

650 Students


108 Classrooms

1,545 Students

TrueKids 1 Pro (Out of School) Program


200 Students


255 Students


455 Students

Program Goals

2020-2021 Program Goals


50 Teachers


108 Classrooms


50 Mentors


1,398 Workshops


160 Radio Shows


300 Student Videos


500 Student Conducted Interviews


50 Student Podcasts, Apps & Websites


150 Social Media Posts


2,000 Students Served

FY2021 Projected Revenue
  • Program Goals 
  • Projected Revenue Sources
Program Goals 
Operations (A)

$347, 800.00

Equipment (B)


Fundraising (C)


Evaluation/Data Collection (D)


General & Administrative (E)




Projected Revenue Sources


Shelby Cullum Davis  Charitable Trust


Mayer and Morris Kaplan Foundation


Jim Thompson Foundation 


LANL Foundation


Thornburg Foundation


Other Grants/Donations




Total Budget $539,6000
Operations Budget ($374,800)
  • Teacher & Mentor Trainings
  • Ongoing Teacher Support
  • Professional Skills Workshops
  • Administrative Salaries
Teacher & Mentor Trainings

Teacher and Mentor Trainings ($27,000)

TK1 will facilitate three 3-day long teacher trainings. Two of the trainings will be for teachers implementing the TK1 yearlong classroom Civic Media Model; the other will be on the Best Practices in Distance and Blended Learning for teachers in the Penasco School District. The TK1C Civic Media Model sessions will be led by TK1’s trainer corps, Dr. Yonty Friesem from the Media Education Lab at Columbia College and experts from Adobe. The Distance Blended Learning training will be facilitated by professionals from the UNM Department of Teaching and Learning.

The trainings will cost $3,000 per day for the nine days.

The cost includes:

Planning– All facilitators will plan experience for each training day, customized for the group of teachers they are training and for optimal virtual learning engagement.

Trainer fees for the nine days of training.

Ongoing Teacher Support

Ongoing Teacher Support ($18,000)

TK1 will provide two zoom support sessions for teachers each month during the school year. There will be separate sessions for elementary, middle and high school levels. The check-ins will be led by two TK1 trainers, specializing in education and media, respectively. These workshops will allow TK1 to advise and track the progress of each classroom project while informing our scheduling of the necessary professional skills workshops. As an added benefit, these virtual meetings will also allow teachers to learn about the projects, challenges and successes of their fellow teachers who are also implementing the model.

Professional Skills Workshops

Professional Skills Workshops ($159,800)

Classroom media projects are supported by skills workshops facilitated by industry professionals who are trained in the TK1 educational model. Examples of workshop topics include public speaking, script writing, storyboarding sound & video editing, coding, and app design. In addition to classroom workshops, TK1 will offer 400 out-of-school workshops, as part of the TK1 Pro program.


14 Workshops

14 Workshops

70 Workshops



48 Workshops

645 Students

576 Workshops



46 Workshops

650 Students

552 Workshops


TK1 PRO                       (Out-of-School)  


46 Classrooms

400 Workshops




108 Classrooms

1,598 Workshops


Administrative Salaries

Executive Director ($37,500)

50% of the Executive Director’s time will be spent on True Kids 1 operations, overseeing staff, organizing camps, the classroom initiatives, teacher trainings, professional workshops, student productions, developing strategic partnerships and expansion of the True Kids 1 model.

Education Director ($55,000) 

The Education Director will directly oversee daily operations related to the TK1 Classroom and Pro models. This includes monthly teacher check-in sessions, professional skills workshops, out-of-school workshops (i.e. radio shows and contracted student productions), and student involvement in content creation for TK1 social media, website and newsletters. The Education Director will work closely with the ED on the development of the TK1 K12 badging system and the utilization of our Learning Management System. They will also work with Dr. Lee Francis on the ongoing evaluation of our model.

Project Manager ($50,000)

This position will assist the Education Director with the implementation of the TK1 education model in the 100+ classrooms and out-of-school programs.

Administrative Assistant ($17,500)

50% of the Administrative Assistant’s time will be dedicated to supporting TK1 operations.

Junior Mentor Interns ($10,000)

Two college interns who are alumni of our program and worked as Junior mentors at our Digital Day Camp will assist student engagement in our True Kids 1 Pro model. They will directly support mentors in workshops, monitor and contribute to message boards through our Learning management System, and work with the TK1 mentors and students on regular TK1 Pro projects including radio shows, social media, and other content production.

Equipment ($22,000)  
  • Adobe IT
  • Adobe Licenses
  • Canvas
  • Elisha Allen
  • Media Production Equipment
  • Privo
Adobe IT

IT Support for Adobe Licensing ($12,000)

TK1 is working with IT professionals to provide 2,200 Adobe Creative Cloud to the students, teachers, and mentors that are participating in our model this year.

Adobe Licenses

2,200 Adobe Creative Cloud Licenses ($20,000 Purchased Last Year)

True Kids 1 is partnering with Adobe to provide over 2,200 Creative Cloud Licenses for students, teachers, and mentors in our media education pilot this year. The license will support students in our classroom and TKI Pro models and will be integrated into the Canvas LMS. TK1 is working with Adobe’s Global Education Department to develop a K12 digital badging system that will align with Adobe’s Professional Certifications.


Canvas Learning Management System ($10,000)

TK1 will utilize the Canvas learning management system to support its classroom and out-of-school educational model.

Elisha Allen

Elisha Allen ($1,500)

Elisha Allen is the Director, Core IT Services, UNM Academic Technologies, where he also oversaw that institution’s conversion to an Adobe Creative Cloud Campus. Elisha will consult with TK1 on the provisioning of our Adobe Licenses.

Media Production Equipment

Media Production Equipment ($25,000 purchased Last Year)

Last year, TK1 purchased a suite of equipment including video cameras, zoom recorders, microphones, tripods, boom poles, lighting etc to support our student media productions. We worked with Espanola Valley High School to purchase $50K worth of the same equipment models, creating a comprehensive integrated inventory that will serve our northern NM students, once it is safe to send teams out into the field.


Privo ($5,500)

Privo is a company that specializes in FERPA and COPPA student privacy compliance. They are providing TK1 with more than a 50% discount on their services.

Fundraising ($41,000)
  • Grant Writer
  • Executive Director
  • Travel
Grant Writer

Grant Writer ($14,000)

ED will prepare grants in consultation with a professional grant writer. The grant writer will compile a list of potential funding entities and created a development plan for the organization. A specific focus on COVID-10 related stimulus funding has been support be a grant from the LOR foundation.

Executive Director

Executive Director ($22,500)

30% of Executive Director’s time will be dedicated to development and fundraising.


Travel ($5,000)

Costs associated with travel to meet with public and private sector donors, foundations, sponsors, etc.

Evaluation ($20,000)

Evaluation ($20,000)

Evaluation of our classroom and TKI Pro model will be designed and implemented by Dr. Lee Francis of Native Realities Inc. This will include data collection with an emphasis on both quantitative and qualitative assessment, with particular focus on community impact.

General & Administrative Costs ($81,300)
  • Accounting
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Executive Director
  • Insurance
  • Legal
  • Staff Development
  • Travel

Accounting ($20,000)

Estimate for contract with Rio Grande CPA, which will act as independent comptroller, bookkeeper, and accountant.

Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistant ($17,500)

50% of the Administrative Assistant’s time with be spent on G&A activities.

Executive Director

Executive Director ($15,000)

20% of Executive Director’s time will be spent overseeing administrative functions i.e. accounting, insurance, legal, as well as working with the Board of Directors.


Insurance ($5,000)

TK1 will carry coverage for Board of Directors, General Liability, Accident and Transportation


Legal ($5,000)

Legal consulting, primarily around contracts and liability issues.

Staff Development

Staff Professional Development ($10,000)

Trainings for Executive Director and support staff i.e. Media Education Lab Summer Institute, Executive Leadership, Board Development.


Travel ($5,000)

During the COVID-19 outbreak, we are virtually serving our students and teachers. When we resume regular operations, this allows us to support our schools in multiple counties in our rural, frontier state.

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