True Kids 1 & Civic Media

Civic Media can be understood as the ability to use media to facilitate communication addressing the realities, issues, and goals of communities to achieve internal and/or external change.

Civic Media is central to TK1’s work with youth. This page features civic media in action at our recent summer camp.

Interviewing NM Rep. Kristina Ortez

“It was really fun to do the interview with Representative Ortez and to hear the point of view of a legislator on topics we think are important. The actual interview was kind of nerve-wracking, trying to apply our interview skills and come up with follow-up questions on the spot. I appreciated how she could connect and find common ground with kids. This is probably because she has her own kids and knows how to relate to young people. I also really liked how powerful she was during the photoshoot. She showed a lot of confidence and good energy.”

— Emmasofia (age 12) – TK1 photojournalism camper



HUM Magazine – Photojournalism Camp

“The Hum Magazine held its first summer intensive with True Kids 1 and The Taos HIVE. During this two-week journalism intensive, students gained the knowledge and hands-on experience of what it takes to bring an idea into publication. “

-Sorché  Morgan, creator and editor of HUM



Civic Media Research

During True Kids 1’s Summer Media Camp, civic media researcher, Charlotte Duff, observed our camp sessions and conducted interviews with our mentors to investigate our youth’s engagement, competency in media production, sense of agency, and impact on the community. The report on Charlotte Duff’s website details the findings of this research and implications for future True Kids 1 programming.

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