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Justis Daniels Speaks With TK1

Youth activist and True Kids 1 Jr. Mentor Justis Daniels spoke with youth in the social media team of our Digital Day Camp about his groundbreaking work leading protests in Flagstaff, AZ. Justis coordinated with the Mayor and Chief of Police to ensure that police left their guns in their cars, distributed water, sunscreen and masks, didn’t enforce the evening curfew, and even took a knee in solidarity with the protesters. In exchange, the protesters agreed to be peaceful and not block street traffic. Justis continues to spread his message of the importance of discourse and collaboration between organizers and community leaders as our country seeks meaningful and lasting change. To further his efforts in promoting justice for all people, he is creating a nonprofit called Coalition for the People, based on the principles of discourse, education and action. True Kids 1 is proud to support Justice’s platform. The cover image is an Instagram post created by the team after their discussion with Justis.

Kids learn multimedia skills at nonprofit TrueKids 1

Student Recording Media

True Kids 1, a media-literacy and training nonprofit for students in grades K-12, is on a mission to promote digital leadership and open career paths for kids.”We focus on having the kids be thoughtful and informed media producers, as opposed to just consumers,” said Rosey Hayett, the executive director of True Kids 1. “It’s also about giving the kids the skills and experiences they need to be successful in the digital economy — the creative economy — of New Mexico.”The organization, founded in Taos in 2017, partners with schools and industry leaders to get kids involved in socially engaged media production. It currently serves around 800 kids, and recently announced its registration for summer programs is still open.

True Kids 1 Youth COVID-19 Zoom Forum

As part of our coverage of the COVID-19 outbreak, True Kids 1 is hosting a series of zoom forums among youth leaders from New Mexico, New Jersey, and Arizona. Here is part 1 of our most recent forum.

Coronavirus: Responding to crisis

True Kids 1 is taking a leadership role in Northern New Mexico with our response to school closures due to the outbreak of COVID-19.

Working closely with our community partners, including Taos Municipal Schools, Kit Carson Electric, the LOR Foundation, University of New Mexico and Adobe, our goal is to ensure that all students are connected, and able to access our quality online learning opportunities.

Our dedicated staff of Classroom Liaisons and Professional Media Mentors continue to support the 30 classrooms in our current school pilot helping to create their media projects addressing community issues.

We offer access to online workshops on topics like interview techniques and interpersonal skills, and Walden the award winning educational video game.

Our TK1 Pro student team continues to engage with the community through our radio shows, social media, phone/video interviews, and onsite productions (with appropriate social distancing). 

Through our partnership with Adobe, we’ll be giving our students access to their Creative Cloud, along with tutorials on using digital tools such as Photoshop, Premiere, Audition and Illustrator.

Our programs guide students through the use of these and other tools in order to complete civic media projects.

With the scale and duration of this crisis still unknown, True Kids 1 is committed to supporting students, teachers, parents, and administrators in realizing the potential for collaborative online learning and continued civic engagement. 


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