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TK1 2023 Summer Camps

WHEN: There are three different two-week camps. Each runs Monday-Friday, 9am – 4pm. The first begins June 5, 2023. Note that all TK1 staff will be involved in the camps, and there will be 1-2 teacher assistants per class.

WHERE: The first two camps will be based out of TK1 Headquarters (222 Paseo del Pueblo Norte). Students will be expected to walk around town. There will be limited transportation provided on some days of camp. The third camp is based at the Harwood Museum.

WHO: For the first two camps, it’s students age 11+; the second two are 9+. There are 15 total spaces per camp.

COST: Each two-week session is $200 ($20/day).

SCHOLARSHIPS: We have an Option Scale this year: $200 is the full cost; $100 a partial scholarship; and $0 a full scholarship. Indicate need on the Registration Form, and pay via buttons below.

REGISTRATION: Here is the Registration Form.

PAYMENT: You can pay the full amount here, pay a partial scholarship ($100) here, or send a check to PO Box 2940, Taos NM 87571.

Parents must complete various paperwork before enrollment is complete.

Water and limited snacks are provided, but please bring a packed lunch.

Note that TK1 does not have a grant or other funding source for our summer camps.

Camp One: Photography, Activism, Street Art, and Wheatpaste

Lead Instructor: Heather Lynn Sparrow

June 5 – 16. Monday-Friday, 9am – 4pm

Ages: 11 and up

Location: TK1 HQ – 222 Paseo del Pueblo Norte, behind the Revolt Gallery

This two-week camp focuses entirely on photography, activism, street art and completing huge photo murals (with wheatpaste) in the courtyard of the Revolt Gallery. This camp shows students – of any ability level – how to compose, shoot, prep, and then enlarge a photograph into a massive public exhibition. We’ll spend most of our days outside, capturing photographs, doing team-building exercises, learning guerrilla marketing tactics, and learning from major pieces of street art here in Taos – and across the globe. Campers will also participate in True Prints 1, our in-house photo/print lab. They’ll learn about the art and business of high-quality custom photo printing, honing skills in photo editing (via Adobe) and how-to-print on TK1’s professional printer.

Camp Two: The Two-Week Film Festival

Lead Instructor: Dani Cervantes

June 19-30 2023. Monday-Friday 9am – 4pm

Ages: 11 and up

Location: TK1 HQ – 222 Paseo del Pueblo Norte, behind the Revolt Gallery

Campers of any ability level will spend two weeks thinking about, planning for, and then shooting a short film – to be shown on the big screen at the TCA on Friday, June 30th! This could be a short documentary, short feature, series of dance moves, a song… the floor is open! Campers will learn how to storyboard; how to write a script; basic camera framing and operation skills; basic editing skills (e.g. using the browser-based CapCut); and the thrill of competing in an actual contest. There will be a host of prizes as dished out by our jury; the winning film will receive something SPECTACULAR.

Camp Three: Media Makers at the Harwood


Lead Instructors: Pete Monro (TK1) and Christina Neubrand (Harwood)

July 10-21 2023. Monday-Friday 9am – 4pm

Ages: 9 and up

Location: The Harwood Museum

Campers of all skill levels will spend two weeks at the Harwood Museum, creating digital works of art inspired by any of the 400 objects on display as part of the Harwood Museum’s 100-Year Anniversary. This could be a short documentary film, a dramatic re-enactment of a piece in full costume, a stop-motion animation – or so many other possibilities. Some students may want to choose digital illustration or even photography as a springboard for their inspiration. The best student creations will live on, with content accessed via a scannable QR code for museum goers.

Camp Four: Coding Robots and Drones

Lead Instructor: Bill Hood, STEM expert and teacher

July 10-21 2023. Monday-Friday 9am – 4pm

Ages: 9-14

Location: TK1 Headquarters. 222 Paseo del Pueblo Norte, behind the Revolt Gallery

This camp covers the basics of electronics, robots, drones and programming. Just as we do in our media classes, this will be an intensely hands-on experience (with robots and drones) that will sneakily teach core concepts in binary math, binary logic, the speed of light, time and general nature of electronic circuits. With basic electronics knowledge, we’ll introduce a computer running Linux and a programmable robot called an MBot. We’ll also explore aerodynamics and programming using a Tello drone — giving campers an intro to what makes something fly, and then programming the drone for autonomous flight. 

  • Beatrice Mandelman, Blue Moon (detail)c. 1960, oil on masonite, 47 ¾ x 48 7/8. Gift of the Mandelman-Ribak Foundation, Harwood Museum of Art of the University of New Mexico.
  • Mary G. Blumenschein, Husking Corn (detail)1939, oil on canvas, 39 15/16 x 39 15/16 in. Gift of Helen Greene Blumenschein, Harwood Museum of Art of the University of New Mexico.